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Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (SUIC) represents a dynamic fintech investment opportunity not to be missed

(SUIC:US) and its rise

The global financial services technology (fintech) market has been projected to reach a market capitalization of $26.5 trillion by 2022. Innovation is the key driver of this global industry anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.58%, with certain lucrative segments such as the blockchain, artificial intelligence-powered data-driven decision making, and regulation technology sectors expected to grow at a breakaway CAGR between 35-60%. As of March of 2021, this disruptive and emerging industry is the home to more than 134 unicorn companies worth an estimated value of $1.42 trillion.

The covid-19 pandemic has been a major factor in solidifying the gains of the global fintech industry with more than 73% of consumers in the United States considering new financial services technologies to be a fundamental aspect of the new normal. This consumer sentiment has been mirrored and advanced in China where fintech adoption rates among the general public are as high as 87%. Understandably, by 2024 China and the United States have been projected to account for more than 61% of the total value of global fintech transactions. The world’s largest and most developed economies are uniquely fertile landscapes for the innovations of the fintech industry to take root and proliferate to smaller and less advanced economies.

 The far-reaching social and societal impacts of financial technology may even be more transcendent in developing economies. Across many parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America rates of mobile phone ownership far surpass that of bank account ownership. This makes application-based mobile financial technologies a particularly useful means of democratising the opportunities rural and underserved communities have access to. The most innovative fintech products and services deliver levels of transparency, accountability, and efficiency that have the ability to dramatically counter elements of corruption and malfeasance to deliver outcomes that create a more just and unified global society. The global financial services technology market contains a wealth of opportunities for investors motivated by supporting social impact projects. Community-share and for-more-than-profit fintech ventures are on the rise and hold the potential to truly transform the world as we know it.

In the last decade, leading financial technology service providers such as Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (SUIC:US) have spearheaded a culture of innovation that vastly surpasses gains made during the previous 100 years. The fintech landscape is vibrant and dynamic, containing a wealth of opportunity for investors seeking to capitalize on the emergent trends driving the global fintech economy and the businesses ventures at the heart of its success. The reality is that many companies with the potential to transform the world as we know it remain undervalued and thus create unprecedented opportunities for investors savvy enough to capitalize on the spirit of the moment to take action and secure shares in companies projected to record exponential gains in the years to come.

Take Action: Invest in the Technologies Shaping the Future

Across the myriad established financial institutions, tech companies and startups leveraging innovation in the fintech space, there are a truly astounding number of solutions and market segments coming into their own. Across 2021, some of the most inventive products and services are being designed in the areas of:

  • Financial Regulation and Compliance Platforms
  • Open/Challenger/Neobanking Platforms
  • A.I. and Machine Learning Platforms
  • Personalized Financial Advice Platforms
  • Business Process Outsourcing Platforms
  • Lending and Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Human Resources Technology Platforms
  • Security and Identity as a Service (IAAS) Platforms
  • Blockchain Integrated Platforms
  • Insurance Technology Platforms
  • Crossborder Payment Services Platforms
  • Investment and Capital Markets Investment Platforms

As immense as the global financial technology industry is, it’s important to keep track of the underlying technologies that are making all of this possible. Cloud computing big data management could be seen as the foundation of the fintech industry. Without these, additional aspects such as the mobile internet and biometric information would not be as useful. From there, additional technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and real-time data analysis make it possible to work with institutional financial and personal information in exciting new ways. Finally, additional elements such as blockchain, interoperability of solutions, and secure multiparty computations (MPC) deliver the final layers of security needed to truly revolutionize the financial system delivering unprecedented utility, accountability, and coherence in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (SUIC:US) is the perfect example of a currently undervalued financial technology stock whose price does not represent the utility and opportunity characterized by the company. Take action today and secure the opportunity to invest in the company before the price skyrockets and the market correctly identifies this company as the innovative industry leader it is.

This firm is dedicated to engaging in the strategic research and development, venture financing, and investment in public and private enterprises in the areas of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, mobile payment, big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. As a diversified financial technology focused venture, Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. represents a dynamic investment opportunity whose value on the world stage has not been fully realized despite groundbreaking efforts to advance financial technology innovation through its recent acquisitions and partnerships.

Key Trends Driving the Growth of the Global Financial Technology Industry

The global fintech industry is recording astounding levels of growth in 2021 due to several key trends that are worth keeping an eye on this year:

  • The Rise of Mobile Payments: The global coronavirus pandemic has created the perfect means for consumer adoption of mobile payment services to expand exponentially. Active users of mobile payment services continue to grow on a daily basis with many firms posting new adoption rates far-surpassing gains from the pre-covid world. By 2024, the mobile payment industry has been projected to reach a total value of $3.08 trillion.
  • Digital Lending Matures: The pandemic has created challenging financial situations that have been instrumental in the growth of new digital lending platforms and services. As traditional financial institutions have tightened lending activities, this has created space for new person to person lending models to take growth.
  • Personal Investment Boom: First time investment has grown tremendously over the last 12 months and platforms such as E*Trade and TD Ameritrade and applications such as Robinhood and WeBull have recorded astronomical new user adoption rates. Growth as high as 350% has been recorded in this segment when compared to usage of the same services in 2019.
  • A New Normal for Banking: Since the start of the pandemic, mobile banking has seen astronomical growth around the world. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence‘s 2020 U.S. mobile banking survey, as many as 58% of respondents said they were visiting financial service providers in-person much less than before the pandemic. As many as 45% of respondents admitted they relied on their mobile banking apps to a much greater degree now when compared to previous years.

Invest in Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. Today

Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (SUIC:US) represents a unique investment opportunity for those looking to get involved with financial technology and the many associated underlying technologies driving the incredible growth of the fintech industry around the world.

Take a look at the latest Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. news to get a better idea of the immense value this company represents to the innovative potential of blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, internet of things (IoT), and mobile payments:

  •  SUIC and QQ Pay Australia US-based Fintech Company SUIC QQ Pay USA Inc. to Deliver Breakthrough Payment Technology Solutions in the US$135 Billion Global Digital Commerce
  •  SUIC QQPay USA Inc. to Accelerate Enhanced Access to Core Fintech Payment Platforms in 3 Profitable Market Niches, geared towards a greater inclusion of Blockchain Technology in mainstream Cross Border Finance
  •  SUIC QQPay USA Inc. introduces QQ Credits to address Cross Border Payments for the “Last Mile”
  •  SUIC iDrink Announces Cooperation with Midas Touch Technology to Launch GoldTrade and IndexTrade, the Latest Online Investment Trading & E-commerce Platforms based on AI and Blockchain Technology to Participate in the 100 Trillion Bullion and Index Trading Markets

By 2022, the global fintech market will reach a value of more than $26.5 trillion. Between now and then, there is still time to take action and invest in undervalued companies to capitalize on the exponential growth of this industry. A company such as Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (SUIC:US) represents a unique opportunity to get involved with a company that is connected to some of the most high growth financial technology market segments as well as the core underlying technologies driving them. Take action today and take advantage of the opportunity to invest in this amazing growth opportunity for 2021 and the years to come.

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