London Business Facts

London Business Facts

London is one of the biggest capital in the world which concentrate and operate with almost 40% of the world wealth.
London is standing upon this definition for 2 centuries and yet there are no plans to leave the tone.
Our opinion is that with Brexit this function of the United Kingdom capital city will increase.

London cultivates a culture of knowledge, cuisine, and business.

So it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the world’s best cities for homegrown and foreign talent.

These are ten facts about London why London is the best city to start your business

London means connection

London is one of the most influential cities in the world. This title comes from his “awesome” connectivity.

When we are talking about connecting we talk about the global city level of connection rarely seen in other megacities in the world.

The city has 6 airports. The biggest is Heathrow who handles more passengers in the world than any other airport in the world.

London area is covered with about 45% of worldwide demand for private jet charters for business use.

Many of the worldwide private jet charter companies are from London.

This means that London is a major in the world’s fleet of jet charters.

London is the financial center

London is the center of global trade and finance for centuries.

London is ground where lies the foundation of modern banking and incubator of the modern capital markets.

Today many people hear about words as blockchain, fintech, and green finance. These words background is from London not from another place.

London is home to the banks and the biggest hedge funds that the world ever has seen.

It estimated that over 25% of the top 100 banks in the world the main headquarters are settled in London.

Because of that almost 40% of the foreign exchange and trading is happening in London.

London is the first capital city by head-on starting startups.

London is dominating in world’s tech investment landscape.

Fintech in the UK is booming because of the London bank ground and support of the new innovative companies that are built to help banks as their main clients.

More London Business Facts

It’s a global center of learning

London is ranked on 1 spot as the best student city for foreign students.

London has the old school and is home to 1/4 of the top 40 universities in the world with almost a quarter-million students per year and over 100k foreign exchange students.

It’s estimated that the summer school system is the most advance and best developed in London as a city.

Over 200.000 participants participate every summer in the summer schools.

London has a pool of skills

London because has the best school system, every year graduates high skills students which is creating a large pool of talents in many areas.

This fact is backup by the fact that many large companies have their own representation on site and invest more money than in other places to hire the best graduates for their companies. London throws a lot of high tech skilled workers than any other place in the world. In the 2018 year by research made from stats from Linkedin and StackOverflow confirms this.

London is home to expertise

Tech, Finance, Medicine, and Legal matters are something that makes London an important city.

With over 200 incubators and accelerators its accumulate over 40% of the worldwide tech capital.

This is how fintech born in London by a combination of Finance and Tech.

Medical research is very present in London and medicine in the UK is one of the tops in the world.

London is an international product

London has about 10 mill populations with the whole agile every day to mix over 200 languages, work, cuisine, and innovation.

Many celebrities as Madona, many movie stars, filthy reach people as Abramovich and many princesses from the Far East for them London is their home.

London offers opportunities

Do you need a job in London?

London offers a lot of work for the workers.

There is a constant hunger for workers in any place and spots.

It is estimated that after 2016 there are nearly over 6 mill job spots opened because of the growing fintech and tech industry.

Startups are the main incubators of the workplaces and the need for workers in London is endless so if you need a job to grab your opportunity.

London plans for the future

Development is the second name of London.

The most know place of tech development is King’s Cross, which is a district in the center of London.

By 2021 Google and Facebook plans to open and increase the space of their offices.

This is not something often done by these 2 largest IT and tech giants of the world of the internet.

Many famous games from the game world are developed in London.

London lifestyle and culture

London when we talking about culture is class over 5 stars.

London has world-class theatres and less is not expected for the home of Hamlet. London has over 900 art galleries and the most famous art bidding houses in the world as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Bonhams.

London’s own world heritage protected by UNESCO as Tower of London, Greenwich, Westminster Palace of Queen Elizabeth, and Kew’s Botanic Gardens.

In the “food eaten by man series”, London has over 90 restaurants with Michelin star and over 4000 pubs for your favorite drink.

London continue being diverse and international

London doesn’t give up on its diversity and doesn’t bend before time.

London is considered a place for talents for business and personas with great ideas and inventors which proves that every day can be better with a demonstration of the talent and desire to make it happen.